Join Us for Inspiring Events

Experience the power of community and faith at our upcoming events.

Join Us for These Events

Stay connected and be a part of our vibrant community by attending these upcoming events and workshops. Each event is designed to inspire, educate, and bring us closer together in faith and fellowship.

Experience the Power of Sunday Worship Service

Jul 24, 2026

Experience uplifting worship and inspiring messages every Sunday. Join us!

Bible Study and Prayer Meeting

Aug 23, 2026

Join us for Bible study and prayer, grow spiritually and connect with others.

Transforming Lives Through Community Outreach

Oct 14, 2026

Join our community outreach workshop and make a positive impact.

Empowering Youth through Fellowship and Fun

Dec 07, 2026

Youth fellowship night: Fun, faith, and friendship for young leaders.

Life-Changing Testimonials from Our Faithful Community

Discover the transformative power of Grace Cathedral Ministries through the heartfelt testimonials of our diverse community, as they share their profound experiences of spiritual growth and fellowship.

Grace Cathedral Ministries: A source of inspiration and community support.

John Smith

Business Owner

Life-changing experience. Jesus’ teachings resonate deeply. Love and fellowship found here.

Emily Johnson


Grace Cathedral Ministries: A life-changing community of faith and family.

Michael Davis


Grace Cathedral Ministries: Powerful sermons, uplifting worship, and loving community.

Sarah Thompson

Stay-at-home Parent

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